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A discussion forum for those who feel that they were, or that they were connected to, the Adrastai
This is a site for Otherkin. In other words, those who feel they were something other than human in a previous life.

This community is especially for those who feel that they were either connected to the Adrastai, or may have been Adrastai themselves, in a past existance, and would like to discuss with others, like minded.

If you are not sure and are still in the process of discovering your past, you are also more than welcome to stop by for a time.

The Adrastai were a group of Elvish guards / scouts / rangers who lived in another world, Elenari themselves, and were identified by wearing a red dress uniform (or red sash, 'in the field').


You can find out more at www.adrastai.com (not connected with this community).
If you feel that you were not human before, but are not sure what you may have been, visit the LJ community 0therkin.

A good site for otherkin in general is http://www.otherkinalliance.org/


NO roleplay, trolls, nastiness or off-topic posts. (If it doesnt relate to Elven otherkin, it is off-topic)

In case of query, please don't hesitate to contact the maintainer/moderator (elven_ranger)

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